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  • Estuary Pirates

    A number of pirates seem to make a living raiding along the [[Estuary of the Forked Tongue]]. A number of them seem to make berth at a [[hidden pirate cove]] a few days travel from [[Balic]]. Known Pirate Leaders: [[:captain-iggy | Captain Iggy]] ( …

  • hidden pirate cove

    This hidden cove serves as a base of operations for a number of pirates operating within the [[Estuary of the Forked Tongue]]. Well hidden within a rocky peninsula, this hideout boasts a number of communal cots, a captain's quarters, and at least one …

  • Captain Iggy

    Captain Iggy captained the skimmer "Lady Gertruce." Known for his appetite for women and bad jokes, few men and fewer women mourn his passing. Also noteworthy was his charming [[:monkey | monkey assistant]].

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