Dark Sun Over Toronto

Act i recap
4th edition campaign notes

The party members (Beiro, Burt, Indira, Radiant-Joy) started in Balic. They volunteered to assist the city watch in their efforts to assemble a civilian workforce in response to the destruction of the city’s automaton guardian. They were tasked to help Balic’s chief engineer Glebas repair the fallen machine. After a few scuffles in the city, the party was sent afield to try to track down a replacement “heart” for the machine from the factory where the original was built hundreds of years ago.

Silt Sea
The factory was long ago buried deep under the silt. Fortunately a group of Suuriks (lizard folk) were able to direct the party to a series of dried up

Session 01

Democracy. Culture. Freedom.

Balic: A safe harbour in the wastes of Athas. Renowned for its high theater, strong commerce, and free people, many are drawn by the welcoming attitude that sets it apart from the rest of the Seven Cities. No fewer than two thousand regimented legionaries patrol the streets, overseen by The Guard: an ancient golem of stone tasked to protect the city. Tireless, twice the height of the tallest man, an a constant presence in the backdrop of Balic for longer than any living citizen can recall. Few can think of a city less likely to suffer from crime.

Inded, of those few who paid any heed to the stories of fires being set within the city, few believed that it was arson. Poison in the public well was widely regarded as a mistake, or perhaps a practical joke taken too far. There were even some who chose to close their ears to the stories of powerful patricians murdered in their sleep.

But only the mad could ignore the sharp pain of defiling that shot through the city in the hour before daybreak. All could plainly see in the glow of dawn the prostrate form of The Guard: eighteen feet of unliving stone pinned beneath the rubble of a tumbled mercantile house, its head split open and pillaged.

The sun had hardly reached its apex before the legionaries began asking around for volunteers.

The players were chosen by Duskin, captain of Balic’s guard to assist Content Not Found: glebas in her work to uncover the truth behind the attacks.

Glebas, the city’s chief engineer, informed the party that The Guard’s “”/campaigns/to-dark-sun/items/brain" class=“wiki-content-link”>Brain" had been removed. Her top priority is to retrieve the brain and return The Guard to working condition.

The party decided to start their investigation at the port. Guards informed them that all traffic to and from the city had been stopped in light of the attack. The party stopped in one of the local taverns to see if they could rustle up any information.

In the tavern they talked to a group of drunk sailors, one of whom was unhappy about having lost a bidding war for a mysterious item.

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